Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats
Promoting responsible use and enjoyment of Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge
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Natural Science Education and Community Center

Alaska has a tremendous educational/recreational resource in Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge for its citizens of all ages.
This special Refuge in our midst offers tremendous opportunities for learning about a wide range of elements unique to Alaska – Native history and culture, Colony settlement history, as well as a spectacularly rich and diverse wild landscape. From upland habitat to wet, estuarial marsh to tundra ponds and ancient glacial rivers, it is a living laboratory available to students of all ages who would venture forth with curious minds.

In following our mission of community stewardship for this special place, we realize that true fulfillment lies in a solid foundation of awareness, knowledge, and respect of this and all public lands. Through youth and adult education programs, recreational enjoyment and general community use, our proposed Natural Science Education/Community Center will provide the means with which to achieve not only these goals, but an unparalleled sense of pride for all Alaskans.

Learn more about this important project and its impact on preserving the Palmer Hay Flats.
(Note: All planning documents are in Adobe PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader to view them.  Document file sizes range from approximately 230KB to 660KB.)

Planning Documents Take a few minutes to view "Get 'em Outside", a video on the importance of youth environmental education from the No Child Left Inside Coalition.

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